Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Cite MeTeOR

How Often Is MeTeOR Updated?

The first version has just been published, and as we work on further additions, we will post them on this page.

I Found An Error In MeTeOR, What Should I Do?

We appreciate any feedback you have, and we can be contacted at lichtargelab@gmail.com.

Where Is The Data?

A download of MeTeOR can be found on our download page.

Why Can I Not Open MeTeOR in Excel?

MeTeOR as a whole cannot be opened in Excel, because it is too large. We provide dumps of all data as numpy npz matrix files with associated axes labels as tsv files. We provide also links to sections of the whole network that can be downloaded as traditional edge list flat files.

Can I Modify MeTeOR For My Question?

MeTeOR is freely available via Github, and the code can be downloaded there. If you have any questions, please contact us at lichtargelab@gmail.com. Please note that MeTeOR is released under a license for non-commercial uses only. See below for more details.

Can MeTeOR Be Used Commercially?

Commercial use is defined as gaining commercial advantage or monetary compensation using MeTeOR. For example, if you sell or profit from MeTeOR or derivative works of MeTeOR, internally or as a product, you would be using MeTeOR commercially. We can arrange for commercial use of MeTeOR if contacted at lichtargelab@gmail.com.

Can I Tell You About An Important Question Missing From This List?

Yes! Please contact us at lichtargelab@gmail.com.